• Coffee € 1.5
  • Coffee with a little booze € 2
  • Macchiatone € 2
  • Cappuccino € 2.5

    (classic, soya, oat, almond)

  • Marocchino € 2,5
  • Special Coffee € 3.5
  • Leccese Coffee € 3.5
  • Adriatico Coffee € 4
  • Coffee Shackerato € 3.5
  • Coffee Shackerato alcoholic € 4
  • Ginseng s € 1.8
  • Ginseng l € 2
  • Decaffeinated s € 1.8
  • Decaffeinated l € 2
  • Barley s € 1.8
  • Barley l € 2
  • Antonelli The and infusions € 3
  • Flowers of tea Antonelli € 5
  • Juice € 4,5

  • Yoghurt € 3
  • Special Yoghurt € 4.5
  • Brioches € 1.5

    Picchio Patisseries of Loreto
    (From Tuesday to Sunday)

  • Sandwich € 2,5
  • Tramezzino € 3
  • Torta del Papa € 3
  • Cheesecake € 6.5
  • Vegan Tart € 3
  • Vegan Brownie € 2.5
  • Biscuits € 0.5 cad.

  • Cucumber Soda € 4,5
  • Hemp And Chlorophyll Soda € 5
  • Pink Grapefruit Soda € 4,5
  • Cedrata € 4,5
  • Non-Alcoholic Bitters € 4,5
  • Ginger Beer € 4,5
  • Tonic Water € 4,5
  • Bitter Lemonade € 4,5
  • Bellini Cipriani Non-Alcoholic € 5,5
  • Fruit Juices Khol € 5

    (Apple based. Flavors: pineapple, carrot, blueberry, jonagold apple, pear, peach)

  • Tomato Water € 5,5
  • Coca-Cola € 3.5
  • Coca-Cola Zero € 3.5
  • Estathè Peach / Lemon € 3.5
  • Black Orange € 4.5
  • Hibiscus Tonic € 4.5
  • Spuma Nera € 5
  • Red Bull € 3.5


  • Yaki Errore € 13.5

    “Miracle” pork belly, off-site sour and spicy sauce, fresh leek, seared Belgian
    7 – 9 – 11 – 12

  • Palleusieux 4 € 7

    Fried polenta discs, Aosta blue, Cannonau reduction. Dedicated to the Aosta Valley, to Vale, Tore and Thommy

  • Fassona € 10

    Fassona tartare marinated in soy and tosazu, citrus fruit gel, horseradish mayo
    2 – 9

  • Alici in Wonderland € 12

    Anchovies, butter, crispy bread
    3 – 5 – 9

  • Tempura alla Bubba € 10

    Shrimps in tempura, sweet and sour with mango
    1 – 2 – 8 – 9

  • Raw Tumultus € 13

    Scampi tartare, yuzu gel, vaporized Tumultus Gin
    2 – 8 – 9

  • Rita € 8

    Meatballs with Mother’s sauce!
    3 – 14

  • Selection of Salumi and Cheeses € 13

    2 – 3 – 9 – 13

COVER € 1,50

Cocktail List

  • Napoleone € 7

    Non-alcoholic bitters, tonic water, pink grapefruit soda

  • Lafayette € 7,5

    Bellini Cipriani non-alcoholic, maracuja, ginger beer

  • Romeo € 7

    Almond milk, grenadine, lime, pineapple

  • Duchessa € 7,5

    Non-alcoholic gin, Le PETIT shrub, star anise decoction, green apple

  • Groviera € 5

    Homemade syrup of the day, soda

  • Daikiwi € 10


    rum, lime, kiwi, basil, sugar

  • La Vie en Rose € 10

    Light, lovely

    gin, rose bitters, pink grapefruit soda, elderflower velvet

  • El Chapo € 10

    Acidulous, summery

    vodka, blend of ginger liqueurs, lime wedges, mango, maracuja, black pepper essence

  • Mr. Hyde € 10

    Fresh, Vegetable

    absinthe, lime, cucumber, cedar

  • Arancia Meccanica € 12

    Strong, Transgressive

    gin, sherry cask whisky, star anise tincture, orange bitters, ginger, cinnamon

  • Paperon de Peperoni € 13


    Strawberry mezcal, Vivir reposado, Furente, tomato water, pepper cordial, Tabasco, lemon crust

  • Vi Presento Joe Black € 9

    The sweet American

    Le PETIT Bitter, cherry, black foam

  • Cobra Kai € 9


    Bitter Fusetti, Vermouth Rubedo, Snake Oil, cedrata

  • Pretty Woman € 10

    The floral Americano

    Lillet Rosè, vodka, rose bitters, jasmine bitters, hibiscus tonic

  • Blow € 10

    The herbaceous Americano

    Q White Bitter, Q White Vermouth, Zubrowka Bison Grass, basil, hemp soda and chlorophyll

  • Picchiarello € 11

    The Petit Americano

    Bitter Fusetti washed with “Picchio” brioches, Rubedo Vermouth with “Antonelli” coffee, soda, Le PETIT crust

  • Lo Spietato € 12

    The pungent American

    Bitter Roger, Amaro Jefferson, Frack Amaro Evening, peated Gil, licorice, tonic water.

  • Amen € 12


    Idroalcolica di vodka e mezcal, mastiha, Varnelli Amaro dell’Erborista, Green Chartreuse, cordiale al lime

  • Mhoney € 12


    bourbon, orgeat falernum, tonka bean, Timut pepper cordial, honey, black orange, pink grapefruit soda

  • Willy Wonka € 12


    Fusetti cacao, Triple sec Grandmont, Pedro Jimenez oloroso, menta, orange crust

  • Disco Inferno € 12


    tequila, sotòl, Ancho Reyes verde, falernum, lime, maracuja, agave, salt crust

  • Le Marachelle di Nonna Pina € 12


    Fusetti banana, pineapple rum, absinthe, verjus, coconut, milk, cream, Le PETIT crust

  • Procera Gin € 27


  • Beefeater Crown Jewel
    € 24

    (ENG) London Dry gin

  • 44 N
    € 21


  • Lancement
    € 18


  • Prince Explorer
    € 18


  • Lord of Barbès
    € 16


  • Windspiel
    € 14


  • Mare Capri
    € 13


  • Monkey 47
    € 13


  • Gin del Conero
    € 12


  • Copper Head
    € 12


  • Fisher’s
    € 12


  • Tumultus
    € 12


  • Brockman’s
    € 11


  • Lind e Lime
    € 11


  • Los Apostoles € 11


  • Nº 209
    € 11


  • Soffio Gin
    € 11


  • Mare
    € 11


  • Jensen’s
    € 11


  • Bols Genever
    € 10


  • Helsinki
    € 10


  • Scriptorium
    € 10


  • Nº 3
    € 10


  • Sypsmith
    € 10


  • Tanqueray Nº 10
    € 10


  • Citadelle
    € 10


  • Hendrick’s
    € 9


  • Plymouth
    € 9


  • Roku
    € 9


  • No. Gin
    € 8


The great classics on request from €7 to €12

Wine List

  • SPAGNOL COL DEL SAS € 6 – € 21

    Rive di Solighetto Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Brut

    Grapes: Glera 100%
    Maturation: in steel at least 3 months

  • PANTALEONE € 6 – € 21

    Passerina Spumante Brut Chicca

    Grapes: Passerina 100%
    Maturation: in steel

  • CASALETA € 6 – € 21

    Brut Blanc Charmat Method sparkling wine

    Grapes: Verdicchio 100%
    Maturation: in steel

  • CASALETA € 6 – € 21

    Sparkling Charmat Method Brut Rosé

    Grapes: Montepulciano, Sangiovese
    Ageing: in steel


    Sparkling Brut Rosé Classic Method

    Grapes: Pinot Noir 50%, Chardonnay 50%
    Maturation: 24 months on the lees


    Blanquette de Limoux Brut Le Berceau

    Grapes: Mauzac Blanc 100%
    Dosage: 8 gr/lt.

  • BOSIO € 32

    Franciacorta DOCG Brut

    Grapes: Chardonnay 80%, Pinot Noir 20%
    Maturation: 30 months on the lees

  • MIRIZZI € 35

    Extra Brut ’68 Classic Method sparkling wine

    Grapes: Verdicchio 100%
    Maturation: 30 months in concrete

  • GAMET € 52

    Champagne Blanche De Noirs

    Grapes: Pinot Noir 40%, Meunier 60%
    Dosage 5 gr./lt.

  • TENUTE MUROLA € 5000

    Jurek vino spumante metodo classico

    Grapes: Ribona 100%
    Maturation: 48 months on the yeasts

  • COMAI € 21

    Vineyards of the Dolomites igt Busat Bianco bio

    Grapes: Chardonnay, Sauvignon
    Maturation: in steel


    Trentino Aromatic Traminer DOC

    Grapes: 100% aromatic Traminer
    Maturation: in steel

  • CASA SETARO € 20

    Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Munazei Bianco Doc

    Grapes: Caprettone 100%
    Maturation: in steel for 6 months

  • CASALETA € 20

    Verdicchio dei Cast. of Jesi Class. doc Zero Esse (without sulfites)

    Grapes: Verdicchio 100%
    Maturation: in steel for 6 months

  • TENUTE MUROLA € 2000

    Baccius Colli Maceratesi Ribona doc

    Grapes: Ribona 100%
    Maturation: in steel for 6 months

  • VARA’ VIGNAIOLI € 2000

    La Baia Marche igt

    Grapes: Sauvignon 100%
    Maturation: 3 months on the noble lees

  • CANTINA VIGNAMATO € 6 – € 20

    Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi dop “Terra delle Lame”

    Verdicchio 100%
    Maturazione: in acciaio 3 mesi

  • MIRIZZI € 28

    Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi doc Classico Superiore organic Cogito A

    Grapes: Verdicchio 100%
    Maturation: 8 months in cement

  • CASALETA € 23

    Verdicchio dei Cast. of Jesi Class. Superior doc La Posta

    Grapes: Verdicchio 100%
    Maturation: 8 months in steel


    Verdicchio di Matelica DOC Fonte la Spina

    Grapes: Verdicchio 100%
    Maturation: in steel for 6 months


    Malvasia bianca di Candia “Il Covone”

    Grapes: Malvasia bianca di Candia 100%
    Maturation: in steel for 6 months

  • CANTINA NUMA € 6 – € 20

    Offida Passerina igp bio

    Grapes: Passerina 85%, Chardonnay 15%
    Maturation: in steel for 4 months

  • CANTINA NUMA € 6 – € 24

    Offida organic Pecorino docg

    Grapes: Pecorino 100%
    Maturation: in steel for 13 months

  • LA MASERA € 21

    Erbaluce di Caluso docg Anima

    Grapes: Erbaluce di Caluso 100%
    Maturation: Steel 6 months on noble lees

  • BRUNA € 23

    Western Ligurian Riviera doc Pigato Majè

    Grapes: Pigato 100%
    Maturation: Steel 6 months on the fine lees


    Marche Rosato igt “Pinkfluid”

    Grapes: Montepulciano, Syrah
    Maturation: in acciaio

  • Comai € 21

    Vigneti delle Dolomiti Busat Rosè igt

    Grapes: Schiava, Merlot
    Maturation: in acciaio

  • IL POLLENZA € 21

    Marche Rosato igt “Didi”

    Grapes: Montepulciano, Pinot Nero, Syrah
    Maturation: : 6 mesi in cemento


    Marche Pinot Nero igt Case Quagna

    Grapes: Pinot Noir 100%
    Maturation: in oak barrels for 6 months


    Rosso Conero doc

    Grapes: Montepulciano 100%
    Maturation: in large barrels for 12 months

  • VITTORIA MARAZZI € 6 – € 19

    Rosso Conero D.O.C. “Massignà

    Grapes: Montepulciano 100%
    Maturation: in steel for 12 months


    Rosso Conero D.O.C. “Cambura”

    Grapes: Montepulciano 100%
    Maturation: in barrique for 24 months

  • MIRIZZI € 28

    Marche Rosso igt organic Grenache Cogito R

    Grapes: Grenache 100%
    Maturation: 8 months in cement

  • KALTERN € 21

    Alto Adige Lagrein doc

    Grapes: Lagrein 100%
    Maturation: Steel 5 months on fine lees (10% in wooden barrels)

  • DE ANGELIS € 6 – € 20

    Rosso Piceno doc “Campo di Marte”

    Montepulciano, Sangiovese
    Maturation: in steel and 6 months in the bottle


    Rosso Piceno Superiore D.O.C.

    Grapes: Montepulciano 100%
    Maturation: 24 months in barrique and 5 months in bottle

  • VICARI € 20

    Tear of Morro D’Alba “Always of the Good Well”

    Grapes: Lacrima di Morro D’Alba 100%
    Maturation: in steel

  • TENUTE MUROLA € 20000

    Antek igt Marche Sangiovese

    Grapes: Sangiovese 100%
    Maturation: 20 months in steel, 18 months in oak barrels, at least 12 months in the bottle

Beer Selection

  • Chiemseer 30cl. € 4
    50cl. € 6


    Blonde with a brilliant appearance, it is striking for its floral scent and a delicate taste, typical of the Bavarian Helles. Fresh, refreshing and easy to drink.

    Stile: Hell – Colore: golden – Alc. 4,8% vol.



    Lager beer with a fragrant taste with hints of flowers and honey. The noble hops used “cold” give it herbaceous aromas and a slightly bitter finish that makes it thirst-quenching and drinkable.

    Style: Italian Pils – Colour: straw yellow – Alc. 5.2% vol.


    Lucid dream

    “sui generis” Pils with a double body and double aroma. Appearance appears golden and slightly veiled. The nose is rich, with delicate fruity, floral and acacia honey aromas. In the mouth it is soft, round and not very bitter.

    Style: Double Pils – Color: golden yellow – Alc. 7.5% vol



    On the nose, powerful notes of citrus, yellow and tropical fruit are contributed by the extreme hopping; and stand out against the very sharp body and the decidedly bitter finish that characterizes every sip.

    Style: India Pale Lager – Color: golden yellow – Alc. 5.7% vol


    Asteroid 56013

    IPA brewed with Cascade hops. Very fresh nose with citrus (grapefruit) and tropical aromas. When drunk, yellow fruit, citrus, hints of biscuit, balsamic and resinous notes. Persistent bitter finish.

    Style: IPA – Color: amber – Alc. 6.6% vol.

  • BIRRIFICIO MC77 33cl. € 6.5

    Saint Lawrence

    Classic blanche beer, produced with the use of unmalted wheat and oats and the addition of orange peel and coriander. On the nose hints of spices and esters deriving from Belgian yeast. The taste is fresh, refreshing and not very bitter.

    Style: Blanche – Colour: straw yellow – Alc. 5.2% vol.

  • BIRRIFICIO MC77 33cl. € 6.5

    Fleur Sophronia

    Pink, floral and refreshing beer. Free interpretation of a Belgian blanche produced with the addition of hibiscus flowers which give it a strong floral aroma and a pleasantly acidic touch which increases its freshness.

    Style: Blanche with hibiscus – Colour: deep pink – Alc. 5.0% ABV

  • BIRRIFICIO MC77 33cl. € 6.5

    Glu Glu

    Lager beer inspired by the kölsch-style beers, typical of the city of Cologne. Smooth and slightly bitter, produced with German pils malt, “noble” hops from the Hallertau area and the typical yeast of the style which gives delicate fruity aromas; designed to be drunk and re-drank.

    Style: German Ale – Colour: golden yellow – Alc. 5.0% vol

  • BIRRIFICIO MC77 33cl. € 6.5


    Amber beer inspired by the Altbier of Düsseldorf, characterized by a malty and biscuity profile, donated by German malts (Pils and Monaco), combined with a light fruitiness deriving from the yeast. Rich taste, medium intensity body and slightly bitter finish.

    Style: Altbier – Color: amber – Alc. 5.2% vol.

  • BIRRIFICIO MC77 33cl. € 6.5

    Queen bee

    Blond Ale of Belgian inspiration produced with the addition of wildflower honey. The scent of honey combines with fruity and spicy notes given by the yeast. In the mouth it is sweet, soft and malty, with a structured body that pleasantly accompanies the alcohol content.

    Style: Honey Blond Ale – Colour: golden yellow – Alc. 6.9% vol.

Amari / Distillati

  • Ron Caney Anejo 12 anos 3cl. € 12

    Aging for twelve years brings out the woody aroma, creating an adequate balance between the delicacy of the fruity flavors and the robustness of the Aguardiente. On the palate it is robust, with hints of chocolate, coffee, cocoa and tobacco.

    Origin: Cuba
    Style: Spanish

  • Ron Millionario Solera 15 anos Reserva Especial 3cl. € 7

    Peruvian distillate of sugar cane molasses, aged 15 years with the solera method and endowed with a soft and exuberant personality. Hints of candied fruit, tropical dried fruit and caramel.

    Origin: Peru
    Style: Spanish

  • Ron Caney Gran Reserva 10 Años 3cl. € 7

    Produced from molasses extracted from sugar cane grown in the fertile southeastern territory of the island of Cuba, it is presented as a Ron with a solid character and a round and delicate aroma.

    Origin: Cuba
    Style: Spanish

  • Dzama Rhum Vieux 10 ans 3cl. € 6.5

    Obtained from pure sugar cane juice grown in Madagascar, it rests for at least ten years in oak barrels after distillation. The result is an intense and warm rum (vanilla, tropical fruit, caramel, sweet spices).

    Origin: Madagascar
    Style: French

  • Plantation Rum Stiggins’Fancy Pineapple 3cl. € 6

    A tribute to the famous Reverend Stiggins and his favorite drink, the “Pineapple Rum”. Pineapple peel, ripe banana, delicious spices and a smoky note make it a sweet and delicate rum.

    Origin: Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica
    Style: English

  • Hampden Estate Rum 3cl. € 6

    On the nose, dominant hints of cooked apple and spice notes. On the palate it is intense, enveloping and persistent. Aged 8 years, with no additives, no colorings, no added sugar.

    Origin: Jamaica
    Style: English

  • Rum El Dorado 12yo 3cl. € 6

    Rum with a dark amber color that ages for 12 years in old Bourbon barrels. The nose releases aromas of tropical fruit and spices, closing on sweeter notes of honey and sugar cane.

    Origin: Guyana
    Style: English

  • Goslings Black Seal Rum 3cl. € 5

    It is an ancient recipe from 1858 that comes from the blend of 3 different rums of Caribbean origin, aged between 3 and 6 years. Aromatic bouquet with notes of vanilla and molasses, unique flavour.

    Origin: Bermuda Islands
    Style: English

  • Hibiki Harmony Whisky 3cl. € 12

    The taste is soft and tells of honey, candied orange peel and white chocolate, ending on a clean and persistent finish in which a note of wood typical of Mizunara oak is distinctly perceived.

    Origin: Japan
    Style: Blended Malt

  • Ledaig 10y Morisco Spirits 3cl. € 12

    A peated Single Malt from the Tobermory distillery, on the wonderful Isle of Mull. Matured in an ex-bourbon cask, was bottled at 54.8%. Not cold filtered and without addition of dyes, available in only 120 bottles. Salty with hints of seaweed, smoke, oysters, citrus fruits.

  • Mortlach 2009 12y Carn Mor 3cl. € 10

    A Single Malt bottled by Morrison Distillers. Distilled in 2009, it rested for about 11 years in barrels ex-bourbon before being aged for a few months in ex-rum barrels from Barbados and bottled at 47.5%. Not cold filtered and without the addition of colorants, a total of 942 bottles are available.

  • Lagavulin 16yo Whisky 3cl. € 10

    Aged for 16 years in ex-bourbon casks, this whiskey is warm, deep and smoky, with the best characteristics of Islay scotches. Fresh and dry marine scents and peppery and fruity nuances enrich the product.

    Origin: Scotland (Isle of Islay)
    Style: Single Malt

  • Ben Nevis 9y Morisco Spirits 3cl. € 9

    A whiskey distilled in November 2012 which, after having matured in an ex-Hoghshead bourbon, was bottled at 52.4%. Not cold filtered and without the addition of colorants, only 260 are available bottles. Delicious, with notes of salted caramel and dried fruit.

  • Glenallachie 13y Rioja 3cl. € 9

    A Single Malt aged for 11 years in ex-bourbon barrels and for 2 years in Spanish Rioja wine barrels barrique with medium toasting. This whiskey is bottled at 48% ABV. without being cold filtered and without the addition of colorings in a limited edition of 7680 bottles.

  • Teaninich 2010 11y Carn Mor 3cl. € 9

    A Single Malt aged 11 years in casks that previously contained ex-sherry and have been treated according to the STR (Shaved, Toasted, Re-charred) method: the processing requires that the barrel is first cleaned, the layer in contact with the whiskey removed, then smoothed, then toasted and finally charred. Bottled at 47.5%, there are 1062 bottles available in total.

  • Tokinoka Blended Whisky 3cl. € 7

    Intense amber to the eye. It is characterized by predominantly fruity olfactory scents, which bring to mind apricots and dried fruit in particular, and are enriched with honeyed nuances.

    Origin: Japan
    Style: Blended Malt

  • Redbreast 12yo Whisky 3cl. € 7

    Golden in color with slightly amber reflections, the nose is broad and very expressive, it is marked by red fruits and ripe peaches, then evolves into more complex scents, burnt wood and sweet spices.

    Origin : Ireland
    Style: Single Pot Still

  • Jameson Black Barrel Whiskey 3cl. € 6.5

    Unlike the classic distillery product, it ages in charred ex-bourbon barrels; this particular process adds particular aromas such as spices, vanilla, hazelnut and fruit.

    Origin: Ireland (Highlands)
    Style: Blended Malt

  • Clynelish 14yo Whisky 3cl. € 6.5

    On the palate it is very light, subtle and soft, with notes of peat dancing on the palate together with hints of vanilla, caramel and leather. The finish is quite long with a marine and salty note and a bittersweet aftertaste.

    Origin: Scotland (Highlands)
    Style: Single Malt

  • Ardbeg 10yo Whisky 3cl. € 6.5

    Nicknamed the ‘peat paradox’, Ardbeg is said to use malted barley from Port Ellen, which has a very high phenolic component compared to other areas. Intense and structured, it is not filtered to keep its aromatic profile intact.

    Origin: Scotland (Isle of Islay)
    Style: Single Malt

  • Aberlour 12yo Whisky 3cl. € 6

    This double matured whiskey is aged in a mix of American oak casks and ex-sherry casks. The result is a rich and fruity distillate, with delicious notes of cake with candied fruit.

    Origin: Scotland (Speyside)
    Style: Single Malt

  • Talisker 10yo Whisky 3cl. € 6

    Intense aroma of peat and characteristic taste, almost saline. On the palate it is surprising for its warmth and softness, it opens with notes of dried fruit and smoke to finish with peppery ones.

    Origin: Scotland (Isle of Skye)
    Style: Single Malt

  • Laphroaig 10y 3cl. € 6

    It is Islay’s best-selling Single Malt and has been distilled in the same way for almost 75 years. Barley malt it is dried over a peat fire, which gives Laphroaig its particular flavour. The result is a full-bodied whiskey with a smoky taste and a surprising sweetness.

  • Merlet Cognac VSOP 3cl. € 5.5


    It comes from a set of cognacs aged for 4 years, it has a light brownish colour, it is soft on the palate, round with a fruity finish.

  • Vodka Beluga Noble 3cl. € 5


    Produced using only organic barley, this vodka is distilled three times and reduced in degree using water from Siberian rivers and then aged for a year.

  • Ezra Brooks Bourbon 3cl. €5


    High-quality corn, rye and barley are used for this bourbon produced by Heaven Hill in Kentucky. Maturation traditionally takes place in new burnt white oak barrels from America.

  • Vivir Tequila Reposado 3cl. €6.5


    Ages for six months in American oak bourbon barrels. Earthy notes of agave followed by tones of vanilla, caramel and melted butter.

  • Liqueur Green/Yellow Chartreuse 3cl. € 5


    Chartreuse is a liqueur produced by Carthusian monks in the cellars of the Grande Chartreuse Chartreuse, located in the foothills of southern France. Distributed internationally, the recipe is known in its entirety to only two or three people. Green and Yellow versions available.

  • Garofoli Brandy 12 years 3cl. € 5


    Aged over 12 years, it is a pure wine distillate obtained from selected Montepulciano grapes, characterized by floral and spicy aromas.

  • Grappa di Muller Thurgau Pojer & Sandri 3cl. € 5


    It is the queen obtained from the pomace of Muller Thurgau; soft, elegant flavor characterized by full harmony. Fascinating notes of vanilla, chocolate and cocoa.

  • Garofoli Grappa di Montepulciano Grosso Agontano 3cl. € 5


    Round, soft and delicate, it is produced from the pomace of Rosso Conero Riserva DOCG Grosso Agontano from the Garofoli company in the Marche region.

  • Pojer & Sandri raspberry/pear/apricot brandy 3cl. € 6


    Two young people, Mario and Fiorentino, two hectares, few resources, a few ideas, a lot of courage, a dream. Since then the winery has always joined the distillery, among the first in Trentino to produce single-variety grappa and then widen the range to other fruit distillates of regional origin.

  • Helsinki Akvavit 3cl. € 6

    Features traditional botanicals such as local dill seeds and caraway seeds grown in Finland, to which lemon and fennel are added, and then distilled into grain spirit. Final aging in oak French before bottling.

  • Amaro Formidabile 4cl. € 4,5

    Italian bitter fruit of a refined use of raw materials and of an artisan process that involves the maceration of aromatic and medicinal plants in pure grain alcohol. With a round, velvety and warm sip, it is an excellent after-dinner digestive.

  • Five Farms Irish Cream 4cl. € 5

    Five Farms is a true farm-to-table product, made from single batches of fresh cream that are combined with premium Irish whiskey within 48 hours of harvest to become an authentic Irish cream liqueur.

  • Amaro Yuntaku 4cl. € 4,5

    Bitter digestive tonic, obtained from a hydroalcoholic blend of bittering plant extracts, herbs and spices of Japanese culture, carefully selected. Strong, intense and distinctly oriental taste.

  • Amaro del Conero 4cl. € 4,5

    A pleasant Mediterranean amaro, and an unusual balsamic and citrus taste. A blend of 24 Mediterranean botanicals (broom flowers, strawberry tree leaves and Mediterranean pine needles typical of Monte Conero), alcohol from organic cereals and wildflower honey.

  • Varnelli Amaro dell’ Erborista 4cl. € 4,5

    Unfiltered and uncoloured herbal bitters: as it comes out of the decoction of botanicals made over a wood fire. Vegetable mix of gentian lutea, gentian, orange bark, cinchona, cinnamon, rhubarb and honey from the Sibillini Mountains.

  • Amaro Sibilla 4cl. € 4,5

    Taking inspiration from the Benedictine monks, still today it is obtained from a decoction having a botanical mixture as a base of gentian, gentian, orange peel, cinchona and cinnamon. Sweetened with honey from the Sibillini Mountains.

  • Liquori Calabro 4cl. € 5

    Calabro natural liqueurs are produced with ingredients coming exclusively from the Calabrian territory, transformed and processed with the cold maceration technique in order to keep the properties of the fresh raw material unaltered. Available: licorice, bergamot, fennel, porcini.

  • Varnelli Mistrà 4cl. € 3.5

    Unique and original product that enhances the Mediterranean tradition of aniseed liqueurs and is appreciated, both in Italy and abroad, for its dry and decisive taste which makes it very pleasant in multiple uses.

  • Varnelli Caffè Moka 4cl. € 4,5

    Fine liqueur prepared with real espresso coffee. Soft and aromatic, it also transmits notes of cocoa, vanilla, spices, tobacco, honey and caramel. The taste is pleasantly sweet, well balanced and persistent.

  • Varnelli Liquore al Mandarino 4cl. € 4.5

    Bright and lively liqueur with a captivating color, it has intense and persistent citrus aromas among which mandarin stands out. Notes of white spices, vanilla and flowers are also perceived.

  • Amaro Canaja 4cl. € 4,5

    It contains the taste and aromas of herbs, spices and roots from different places, guaranteeing the importance of territoriality and local production (Senigallia). Made with Pimento, Bergamot, Ginger, Cloves and Lemon.

  • Limoncello Pallini 4cl. € 4

    Produced according to an ancient recipe kept for years by the Pallini family, with the use of “Sfusato IGP” lemons from the terraces of the Amalfi Coast. A limoncello, 26% alcohol content, with fresh and intense notes on the nose.

  • Sambuca 313 Pallini 4cl. € 4

    It combines the classic characteristics of this sweet aniseed liqueur with the special spicy notes obtained with the addition of extremely pure distillates of Anise Badiana embellished with notes of Elderberry, Cardamom and Angelica.

  • Fernet Branca 4cl. € 4

    The recipe is made up of 27 herbs and spices from across four continents, kept secret and handed down from father to son since 1845. With a vine alcohol base, it is subsequently matured with a aging for at least one year in oak barrels.

  • Jefferson Amaro Importante 4cl. € 5

    Produced in an authentic and rural way, paying close attention to the origin of the raw material. Bergamot, bitter and sweet oranges, rosemary, eucalyptus and oregano combined with other bitter herbs make it natural and unique.

  • Rosati 1877 Amaro Qualis Superior 4cl. € 5

    Digestive elixir born in the second half of the nineteenth century, from a recipe from the pharmaceutical laboratory of Cav. Umberto Rosati of Ascoli Piceno. Silky, soft and enveloping, with a bitter and dry finish; citrus fruits, aniseed, and a spicy and herbaceous heart stand out.

  • Anisetta Classica Rosati 4cl. € 5

    From an ancient recipe from the award-winning Pharmaceutical laboratory of Cav. Umberto Rosati of Ascoli Piceno, Anisetta Rosati is born. The proportionate doses of green anise seeds from Castignano with the addition of other Mediterranean spices make it a digestive liqueur at room temperature, refreshing with ice.

  • Anisetta al caffè Rosati 4cl. € 6

    Enriched by an infusion of fine 100% pure Arabica coffee beans of the “Santos Cioccolato” type, Rosati’s “Montereal” coffee anisette is a perfect balance of dried fruit, chocolate and spices, which can be enjoyed at the end of a meal purity accompanied by an excellent cigar.

  • Braulio 4 cl. €4,5

    Valtellina bitter made from herbs and medicinal plants including yarrow muscat, juniper berries, absinthe and gentian roots. The production method involves aging for two years in Slavonian oak barrels.

  • Amaretto Adriatico 4 cl. €5

    Made with 100% Apulian almonds harvested by hand and toasted in a wood oven, it is enriched with vanilla, coffee, cocoa and cane sugar (50% less than that used in traditional macaroons). The final pinch of salt, provides that delicate touch that evokes the Adriatic Sea and enhances the flavour.

in the absence of a fresh product, an excellent quality frozen product will be used

Peanuts 1 - Nuts 2 - Milk and derivatives 3 - Molluscs 4 - Pisces 5 - Sesame 6 - Soy 7 - Crustaceans 8 - Gluten 9 - Lupins 10 - Mustard 11 - Celery 12 - Sulfur dioxide and sulphites 13 - Eggs and derivatives 14